Apr 23, 2021  Düsseldorf / Germany

Corporate Scientific Services - Short News

Primary Aromatic Amines (PAA) in Migrates

Adhesives used in the manufacture of complex multilayer film packaging must meet many requirements, including food safety. Improper adhesive curing can result in the formation of primary aromatic amines (PAA), which, depending on the intended use, can migrate into packaged food. 
Due to their harmful effects on health, PAAs are strictly regulated. In addition to a group restriction limit of 0.010 mg/kg food, recently certain PAAs are not allowed to migrate to the packaged food in amounts exceeding 0.002 mg/kg. Since 23.03.2021, packaging materials that do not comply with these limits may no longer be placed on the market. 
Do your laminated films meet the specified legal limits?  
The transfer of PAA to food is assessed in migration tests. We can test your migration solutions for the primary aromatic amines methylenedianiline (4,4'-MDA, 2,4'-MDA, 2,2'-MDA) and toluene diamine (2,4-TDA, 2,6-TDA). The simulant is thereby enriched in order to be able to determine the extracted primary aromatic amines by HPLC.  

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