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Expert knowledge and state-of-the-art measurement technology to support your business - Corporate Analytics offers a wide range of chemical and physical analyses from raw materials to end products. Which question can we support you with? Do you want to identify an unknown substance and determine its chemical structure, or are you interested in quantitative content determination? Do you need wet chemical key data of your raw materials, or is an ultra-trace analysis, for example the determination of volatile organic compounds or the nitrosamine content of interest? We determine the enzyme identity or activity as well as surfactant contents in your detergents and check the specified content of many ingredients in your products, by arrangement also in 24h Service. Our safety technology determines, among other things, data for material safety data sheets. Thermal analysis characterizes your material systems with regard to melting, boiling, evaporation, decomposition, but also elastic and plastic behavior. Numerous microscopic methods enable imaging surface and interface analysis. We provide you with comprehensive data on your substances for registration (REACH, biocides, polymers) also under GLP conditions and offer you the possibility of adequate method development and reliable method validation. You will find more details in the following sections.

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