May 1, 2020  Düsseldorf / Germany

Corporate Scientific Services - Short News

Avoiding Nitrosamines in Production

Whenever amines are used in the formulation of a product, impurities of secondary amines might be the cause of nitrosamine generation. Using a variety of raw materials and not knowing the exact manufacturing process of those substances, there often is no obvious source for nitrosamines. Ensuring the absence of nitrosamines at a given detection limit can only be accomplished via comprehensive screening of all materials involved.

Nitrosamine Testing at Henkel Corporate Analytics

For the analysis of nitrosamines in various matrices, we make use of two different, highly sensitive methods:

  • Total-N-Nitroso determination (non-specific screening procedure)
    This procedure yields a worst-case maximum value: all nitrosamines are taken into account due to their characteristic nitroso moiety. Negative test results at appropriate detection limits ensure the highest safety margin as this procedure also includes unexpected and unknown nitrosamines.
  • Substance-specific determination
    Nitrosamines may be formed as by-products during synthesis of the active ingredient. Knowledge of the manufacturing process helps understand what type of nitrosamines to expect. This procedure allows to monitor their formation and to define adequate countermeasures in production.

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